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I saw Danny at Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, ON last weekend, it was fantastic! He played really, really well, and I took lots of pictures, but my camera went on the fritz and left me with only

Into the Flame

Can't remember which song this was...

I Will Love You For Miles

I also got Valhalla (finally)! It is such a good album, I've been listening to it nonstop. He's going to be at BluesFest in a couple days, and I'm going! Anyone else?
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yay pictures *happy dance*
he's so pretty!!!
except in the last one...
what is he doing?...

..."luke I am your father"

ah still love him
Hahahah! He's playing harmonica, which according to him he recently decided to learn. He said that he used to make fun of people that play harmonica and then one day he thought, "I'm going to try that." Apparently it's not easy, and those harmonica-neck-things are really uncomfortable.
Aww..pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Would you let me add them on my photos pages, here ?

It'd be great... :)

I have some from Bluesfest and the Mod Club and the London show with Kevin among the recent ones, but none from Orillia to date... Of course I'd credit you !!!


August 11 2006, 15:47:45 UTC 10 years ago

Oh yeah I don't mind at all! And as soon I as I get my pictures from Bluesfest I'll put them up here as well, and you're welcome to use them! Spread the Danny love ^__^
Oh thank you so much :)

I'll try to put them online tomorrow, then give you the direct link here. Who do you want me to credit (I mean, which name ?...) ? And do you want a link from my links page ?

As for spreading the Danny love, I do my best :)
you can credit them under "Allison". Thanks so much!
Hey, your pics are on the website :)
Thanks again !
You can see them here (just click on the title of the photos set in the page).

A last detail please...
Can you remember if those pics were taken on July 7th or 8th ?... People like when I give the real date, so that they can say "oh, that's the day I was there" ! :) I said "7" for the moment...

And, if you could add some comments about the show(s) in the message board - well have you seen several ones ?... - it would be GREEEAAAAAT !!! There's a topic in our forums about Danny at this Fest
here, quite empty since none of us was there finally, but there's as well a forum category about "other Anglophone Canadian" where you can post reviews about CDs, shows, etc. of other ones...
I am so so so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I've been away for a while. The pictures...oh man, I think they were taken on the 8th. I'm pretty sure they were!

Ohh! Message boards! Excited ^__^

So weird...

Danny has just added this one on his MySpace, today ! :-o