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Melt Together first contest...

Melt Together first contest...

Welcome fans and friends of Danny Michel !

Today, his new European fansite, Melt Together, launchs its first (double) contest, at the occasion of  Danny's DVD filming show at the Mod Club in Toronto, on June 16th.

Which Danny's songs would do like to see immortalized on a DVD, live ?

And, would you like to own a "Canada's coming for tea" Tour collector poster ? I mean, a unique original one, that has been stuck up on the wall at a place they have played last March ?

Today, Melt Together gives you the opportunity to answer the first, and a chance to win the second. How can you do that ? Obvious...

Principles :

1) Send me (by any means of your choice, including the contact page on Melt Together) a list of the 15 songs you'd loved to see/hear on Danny's upcoming DVD, in preferential decreasing order.

2) Wait until June 17th for the results of the contest, and if your list is the closest one to the setlist Danny will have played at his Mod Club DVD recording show the night before, you win !

Be careful : The contest will be over on June 9th, so that, as the icing on the cake, I will be able to send to Danny our "fans best of" list one week prior to the show, and, who knows ? Even if the setlist is probably fixed yet, since it's a full band one and they have to rehearse together, and, most of all, for he's the only Master on board :), maybe he will take it into consideration and play a few unexpected songs of your own choice...

And the more we will be to answer, the greater chance we'll have at this.

So now, grab your quill !


For more info about the rules of the contest, see the dedicated topic in our forums.
For more info about Danny Michel shows and this particular one, see or his page on MySpace.

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